To Do List

1.  Watch the following video: Visitors and Residents by Dr. White and then write a blog post reflecting on where you are in this continuum and how you see your future on the Internet.  If possible, leave a thoughtful comment on some of your peers' blogs

2.  Read Part I of Pink.  You will be writing reflections for EDSS 531, so I do not want repeat I don't want to repeat the assignments.  We will do some work with Part II.

3.  Begin to cultivate you PLN.  Participate in educational chats, read, archive, bookmark, comment. . .grow!

4. Learning in New Media Environments (read post, watch video, create your own post)

5. Continue to cultivate your PLN. . .are you participating in educational chats (if so, are you reflecting about it on your blog?), reading shared or personally discovered content, archiving, bookmarking, commenting, growing???

6.  Are Grades Necessary for Learning? (reflect on question in a blog post: either in writing, video, or other means)

7. Blog post on Disrupting Class.  The post will be complete by March 12, with peer comments complete before class on March 14.

8. Write your class visitation reflection.  From the syllabus: School/classroom visit (10% of grade): Students will visit a learning institution that integrates technology into the curriculum and write a blog post (250+ words) reflecting on the experience (due within one week of the visit) . . .
  1. How was technology integrated into the curriculum?  Do you feel that it promoted student learning?
  2. Is there anything you saw that makes this classroom/school unique?
  3. What did you learn and how does it relate to the class questions?

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